Air Zermatt in DSA

Two day sling training was organized DSA-rescue pilots. The crew of four highly experienced pilots was taught by Gerold Biner, CEO Air Zermatt. The emphasis of the training was on vertical reference technics for areal works.

Vertical reference 1    Vertical reference 6    Vertical reference 7

Helicopter Show 2016

15. Helicopter Show is sucesfully behind us. Below you can see some of the pictures. For more pictures please visit official pages of the event Helicopter Show or facebook pages.

Helicopter Show 2016 1    Helicopter Show 2016 2    Helicoptershow2016 3

Helicopter Show 2016 5    Helicopter Show 2016 4    Helicopter Show 2016 6

Helicopter Show 2016 7    Helicopter Show 2016 3    Helicopter Show 2016 9

Photo: Jan Kostík, Stanislav Mackovík, Daniel Taneček

Training of insident at the Airport Hradec Kralove

The training of Integrated Emergency Services took place at the Airport Hradec Kralove on 28th Aprile, 2016 during the simulated incident between Cessna 172 and helicopter Robinson R44.

You can watch the short video here.

simulace letecké nehody 1     simulace letecké nehody 2     simulace letecké nehody 3 

simulace letecké nehody 4     simulace letecké nehody 5


Photo: Jan Kostik

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