ISO + norms

Service provided by DSA Company a.s. are regulated by many binding international and national legislation, including in particular the Commission Regulation (EU) No.965/2012, PART - FCL, PART M, PART 145, PART 147, Civil Aviation Act, etc.

Except of these mandatory norms, our company also fulfils the requirements of the international standard EN ISO 9001("Quality Management Systems") and it holds certificate issued under this standard since 2002. In 2013 we have managed to get a certificate according to the international standard EN ISO 14001 ("environmental Management Systems"). Both of these certificates have the following scope: Commercial Air Transport - Air Ambulance, transport of passengers and freight: aerial work, flight school, aircraft maintenance. 

Management system is the same for the entire company DSA a.s. It is built on the principle of procedural requirements and integrates all of these standards for aviation and "ISO" standards. The basic objective of this integrated management system is to ensure the safe operation of aircraft, the airworthiness and last but not least, constantly improve the quality of offered services.


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