Red Tails, 2009-2010, Croatia, AS-355N

The Chronicles of Narnia, 2007, ( first and second part ), Slovenia + CR a 2007-2008, Poland, AS-355N

James bond Casino Royale, 2007, CR, AS-355N

Omen 666, 2004, CR, AS-355N

Babylon A.D, CR,2005, AS-355N

Missing CR, 2012, AS-355N

Child 44 CR, 2013, AS-355N

Crossing Lines CR, 2013, EC-120

First daughter, CR, AS-355N

Triple X, CR, AS-355N

Mission Impossible I, CR, AS-355N

Hart´s war, CR, AS-355N

Pink Panther, CR, 2004, AS-355N

Solomon Kane, CR, 2005, AS-355N

Wanted, CR, 2008, AS-355N

Sanitka, CR, 2012-2013, AS-355N

Big Brother, CR, AS-355N

Vyvolení, CR, EC-135

Pevnosti, CR+ Poland, HU269

Grand Hotel, CR, AS-355N

Dědictví 2, CR,2013, AS-350B3e

Pražský Maraton, 2010-2013, CR, AS-355N + EC 120

Pražský 1/2 Maraton, 2013, CR, AS-355N + EC 120



Nissan Almera, CR, 2012-2013, AS-355N + AS-350

T-Mobil, CR, AS-355N

Mercedes Benz, CR, AS-355N

O2, CR, AS-355N

Mistery of Homing, CR, AS-355N

Martin Šonka-RedBull, 2013, CR, EC-120+ AS-350B3e



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