Test of a new version of fire extinguishing bags


DSA conducted a test of a new version of fire extinguishing bags at the LKHK airport on July 23rd, 2014This fire extinguishing bag, manufactured by company Juta a.s. from the city of Dvur Kralove nad Labem, can hold up to 1000 liters of water and is filled from the top with the help of a fire hose. The main advantages of this bag are acquisition costs, storability and easy transportation to the fire place. Thanks to these features, fire brigades are able to prepare large numbers of fire extinguishing bags near the fire , which the helicopter gradually lifts and transports to the fire place.

This eliminates the search for suitable water surfaces normally used for filling a Bambi bag. Thanks to the larger amount of bags available,  the helicopter does need to wait for refilling  and is able to remove the previously filled bags in a very short time.

Due to a simple mechanism the helicopter can drop the water directly above the designated fire point. After having dropped the water on to the fire, the helicopter brings the empty bag back to the fire brigade units who, while flying to the fire with another full fire extinguishing bag, refills the empty bag and have it ready to be picked up again.

In addition to the DSA representatives, volunteer fire brigades from Hradec Kralove Trebes and Liberec Ruzodol took part in this successful testing.

DSA disposes of a fully capable fire extinguishing bag from Juta a.s., hereby replacing the standard used Bambi bag and being able to intervene and help successfully extinguish fires at any time.

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