Attendance at the exhibition TopKarMoto s.r.o.

On 26th March 2015 DSA a.s. took part in the exhibition organized by TopKarMoto s.r.o. which provides and maintains technique for ski resorts around the Czech Republic. It mainly concerns PISTENBULLY, REFORM, BÖCKER, KÄSSBOHRER.

The face of the whole event was Mr. Daniel Tuček, HEMS pilot and 1st Deputy of Chairman of the Board of DSA a.s., who introduced flying and techniques used in air rescue system. He showed everyone his skills in building and assembly aerial works in the beautiful space of biathlon area in Nove Mesto na Morave. He demonstrated transport of snowmobile which weights 350kg under the helicopter AS-350B3e. This type of helicopter is actually able to transport objects of weight up to 1300kg. AS-350B3e is also interesting as it is the only helicopter which can land on Mount Everest.

DSA a.s. owns and operates this helicopter and uses it especially for building and assembly aerial works.

We are able to provide air transport with use of sling load turn-key, including certified binders and binding equipment.

Our partner company Infocontrol s.r.o. was also present at the exhibition.

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