Open day at HEMS base Hradec Králové


This year open day at HEMS base in Hradec Kralove was prepared together with the medical rescue service and held on Saturday 25th April 2015. Our company had two helicopters on display, EC 120 and AS 355 and EC 135 which was in operation. There were different types of demonstration from the activity of medical rescuers including the Biohazard team of EMS Kralovehradecky region while taking care of patient diagnosed with Ebola, the simulator of crash with use of unique turning simulator from Generali, introduction of health insurance Všeobecná zdravotni pojišťovna and on the top of it the demonstration of abseiling and the transport of patient under the helicopter EC 135.

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dod lz 2015 5     dod lz 2015 6     dod lz 2015 7

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