Passanger or cargo transport

One of DSA a.s. services is the possibility to secure the unexpected air transports of person or cargo for the automotive industry.

Fast transport of qualified personnel from anywhere of Europe to the required place can help for example in case of damage on the assembly line. In the occurrence of failure of used logistic system or in case of late assembly or needed automotive parts, we were able to help with our technique to deliver the needed parts to right place.

Our company is advantageously using the combination of airplanes and helicopters where the airplane flies for needed components on a longer distance from the airport to the airport and then transfers the components to the helicopter which is able to land as close as possible to the assembly line. This way we are able to deliver the required components and to secure that the assembly line could go on even in case of failure of standard delivery. For air transport we are using our airplanes Cessna CJ 525 and Beechraft C 90. For closer transport of delivering the components directly to the production plant we are using helicopters Eurocopter EC-120 and AD-350B3e.

OK-DSJ      Beechcraft C90


We are glad that by our quick and effective transport we could help many companies to have major financial loses, which would occur in case the assembly would be stopped. 

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