Instalation of the heavy loads by AS350B3e

Our company has performed extensive aerial works in the logistic park D8 Praha Zdiby. On the roof of newly build hall, our company had progressively carried up 39 loads by our helicopter OK-DSW, the load with biggest weight was 1 260 kg. The complete aerial work, including the exact installation of the loads on the top of the hall roof, was done by our company within one day and the helicopter has done about 4 flight hours. Such a short installation time, the extent and the distance is not possible to reach by a regular crane. By this aerial installation of loads, suspended under the helicopter, our company proved the strengths of use of the helicopter technique for the installation of this type of assembly works.

The helicopter AS-350B3e, registration No. OK-DSW, belongs among the strongest helicopters in its category. The curiosity of this type is that this helicopter is the only one which can land to the top of Mount Everest.

We are pleased that our company could contribute to successful finish of the new hall in the logistic park D8 Praha Zdiby. 

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