Installation of air-conditioning equipment

On December 12th, 2015, has our company installed the air-conditioning system on the roof of the Skoda Auto Mlada Boleslav company, with its helicopter AS350B3e, registration No. OK-DSW. The weight of the air-conditioning system was 1136 kg, the dimensions: 3466x2190x1101 mm.

The whole installation took 13 mins from the start-up of the helicopter’s engine until the swithc off. In such a short time the helicopter took off, flown over the load, lifted the load from the prepared container, flown with it over the hall roof, carried it to the specified place on the hall roof where it was precisely positioned on prepared construction, unplugged the load, after the positioning it flew back to the place of take-off and landed. If we deduct from the overall 13 mins 5 mins, which took the start-up and landing helicopter procedures, we find out, that the above mentioned works took to our company only 8 mins.

Those aerial assembly works are provided by our company altogether, including binding equipment and tying. For this binding work we used help of the Firefighters from Ruzodol Liber.

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