Civil aircraft L-39 comes to Hradec Kralove


On February 23rd, 2016 in case of good weather the ferry flight of jet training aircraft L-39 from Airport Vodochody to Airport Hradec Kralove. The expected arrival to Hradec Kralove is in the afternoon.

Aviation company DSA a.s. has become the owner of the civil aircraft L-39, registration No. OK-MJA, which is written in the aircraft register, category LIMITED. The fully aerobatic aircraft is one of the best equipped “Thirty nines” not only in the Czech sky and will be used for the needs of the FTO at the Airport Hradec Kralove.

Flight Training Organisation DSA a.s. will provide the complete training program so called Upset Recovery Training. The advantage of L-39 is the possibility to provide this training also in heights and speeds similar to category of business jets. The flight training school will then also provide the type rating training to gain the qualification for L-39 according to the national regulation of the Czech Republic.

Albatros will fly from Aero Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. where the general repair on the engine as well as modification was done for the use in the civil operation. The aircraft is equipped with crew rescue system and completely new modern avionic Glass Cockpit.

Interesting things and technical specification of L-39:

Wing rage:                                         9,461 m

Overall length:                                 12,132 m

Overall high:                                     4,720 m

Max speed:                                       490 KIAS

Mach:                                                   0,8

Service Ceiling:                           38.400 ft

Max take-off weight:                   5600 kg

Max g-load:                                  -4,0 to +8,0 g

Change of date of arrival reserved.

L39 lustracni foto 2


Illustrative picture 

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