TV broadcast of Prague 1/2 Marathon

Our company is for several years providing TV broadcast of sport events with its technique around the whole Czech Republic. This season has started with the live broadcast of Jizerska 50 and it continued with broadcast of Prague 1/2 Marathon last weekend. We flew with two ours helicopters at this event.

First helicopter was AS-355N, registration No. OK-DSN, which used a special stabilized head mounted at the front of the helicopter to gather its own shots.

Second helicopter was AS-320B3e, registration No. OK-DSW which secured the transmit of signal between helicopter with mounted video camera and transmission cars.

Because of this technique you could watch the run shot from the air in real time. We are glad that we could benefit to the quality of the run. We are now getting ready for the Prague Marathon which will take place on 8th May, 2016.

                                          půlmaraton 2016

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