Aerial works presented at Horacky airshow

Our company has participated at Horacky air display which took place at the airport of Aeroclub Jihlava between 10th and 11th September 2016. Pilot Kamil Kolisek represented our company with helicopter AS-350B3e.

Visitors could admire the big performance of this helicopter in a short air display which included for example the flight with extinguish back developed by Czech company Juta or aerial works as transport of sling cargo.This type of helicopter is one of the most powerful helicopter in its class. Just for illustration, the extinguish back from Juta takes up to 1000 litres and the car suspended under the helicopter weighted about 800 kg.

Helicopter AS-350B3e which belongs to our company can carry up to 1 300kg suspended under the helicopter. 

Horácký letecký den 1   Horácký letecký den 2   Horácký letecký den 3   Horácký letecký den 4   Horácký letecký den 5 

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