Aerial works Telč

DSA a.s. has provided aerial works on the church tower sv. Ducha in Telč by its helicopter AS-355N, OKDSN, on September 28th 2017. We had to exchange the rafter which was long 16m and weighted 300 kg. The rafter was suspended under the helicopter and installed into the binding in the church tower. The helicopter lifted the rafter from closed park space and put it through the hole 1,5m x 2m and afterwards put it 16m down directly into the prepared binding.

Our company provides those works all inclusive, including all permissions and binder works by trained binders. The binding and installation works were done together with firefighters Růžodol Liberec.

We are very happy we could help with our precise work to maintain the Czech cultural sight.

Telč 1     Telč 2    Telč 3

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