Aerial works Zdiby

DSA has done aerial work by its helicopter AS-350B3e on December 2nd, 2017. We have reinstalled the air-conditioning unit which weighted 650kg and which fall over because of the strong wind. The provided aerial works were of high risk as there was a danger of roof breaking where the air-conditioning unit laid. Altogether we have done two lifts. With the first one we have transferred the unit from the place where it laid to the its frame, with the second one we have twisted the unit into the functional position and positioned it on the previous place. Thanks to our professional work we were able to positioned the unit without any further damages. At the moment there is no danger of roof falling anymore and the air-conditioning units is being repaired for future work.

The binder works were done by fire brigade units from Ruzodol Liberec.

Our company provides those works all inclusive, including all permissions and binder works.


 Zdiby 1     Zdiby 2

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