Theoretical courses

Professional pilots theoretical courses

Air School provides theoretical courses for professional pilots in following scope:

  • ATPL (A) 650, 450, 300 hours
  • ATPL(H) 300 hours
  • CPL (A), CPL (H)
  • IR (A), distance theoretical training for CPL(H)
  • HPA (High Performance Aeroplanes)
  • Type Rating Theories


It is required to pass at least half of the theoretical course before the start of practical training in most cases. It is also good to plan the the frame of the theoretical exams before the date of the final flight exam, so there is not pointless delay in the training itself. The training is covered by experienced lectors with the use of one of the best system called CBT (Computer Based Training) 

All theoretical ourses are approved for distant study with lectures.



Theoretical courses for private pilots and glider pilots

Air School provides theoretical courses for PPL(A/H) and GPL training. During the courses you recieve necessary knowledge from following fields:

  • Law of Civil Aviation
  • human performance and restrictions
  • meteorology
  • communication
  • general knowledge of airplanes/helicopters
  • preflight procedures and flight performance,productivity
  • navigation
  • operational procedures
  • aerodynamic and mechanism of fligh

The first practical training in flying can be started after at least half of the prescribed scope of theory is passed. Before the final flight exam (it is good to plan in advance) you have to successfully pass the theoretical exam at CAA (Czech Civil Aviation Authority in Prague). It is also good to plan it in advance, so there is not pointless delay in the training itself.

  • PPL(A) 100 hours
  • PPL(H) 100 hours
  • GPL 100 hours



Aviation English according to ICAO

Air School provides courses of aviation English to pass the exam according to ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements. The course is focused to gain the vocabulary, practise of gramma, aviation terminology and aviation abbriviation and practise of radio communication. 

Couse has 15 – 20 lectures

The price per person is 12 000,- CZK (w/o VAT) with the attandance of a minimum of 4 persons.


Main points of aviation English:

  • ICAO recommendation for language skill are focused on testing the aviation English
  • the whole test is done in English only
  • aviation frazeology is also tested
  • the listening part of the test is followed by the conversion related to it
  • grammatical knowledge is tested in written test
  • test evaluates the skills according to ICAO criteria and requirments
  • successfull candidate will then recieve the note in the field XIII "Notes" at the Czech CAA

Scope of test:

  1. introduction + identification of the student by the valid ID
    2)    written test
    3)    evaluation of the test + conversation ralated to the mistakes, if there are none, the conversation is related to aviation
    4)    listening part
    5)    conversation related to listening part

Exam duration 25 – 30 min.


Maxmilián Politzer - commercial pilot - CFI/ FTO DSA

Ivana Veisová - Cambridge University exam FCE

- CAA approvel - certificate No. CZ/ ICAO English 11

Please contact us for more information:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Terms of exams from ICAO English in 2018:

3.1., 7.2., 7.3., 4.4., 2.5., 6.6., 25.7., 8.8., 5.9., 3.10., 7.11., 5.12.2018.

The exams take place at the Air Shool at the Airport Hradec Kralove at 9 am. If you are interested in any above mentioned dates, please conatct Mrs. Veisova: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In case that none of the above mentioned date is suitable for you, you can arrange an individual date directly with Mrs. Veisova.

The price of the exam is 2 100,- CZK (w/o VAT)


Theoretical courses for technicians:

Courses are done under the PART 147 for technicians:

Type rating training C150-206, PA 28-44, SU-31, S269C, EC 120, EC 135, AS 350, AS 355


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