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Photos from Helicopter Emergency Medical Service Ústí nad Labem.

Photo: Jan Kostík

20231005 K15 loď Ks002  20231005 K15 loď Ks009  20231005 K15 loď Ks016

20231005 K15 loď Ks018  20231005 K15 loď Ks019  20231005 K15 loď Ks021

20231005 K15 loď Ks034  20231005 K15 loď Ks042  20231005 K15 loď Ks061

20231005 K15 loď Ks075  20231005 K15 loď Ks095  20231005 K15 loď Ks096


Photos from Helicopter Emergency Medical Service Ústí nad Labem.

Photo: Jan Kostík

1 20231003 K15 Ferrata Ks042  2 20231003 K15 Ferrata Ks015  3 20231003 K15 Ferrata Ks049

5 20231003 K15 Ferrata Ks053  5 20231003 K15 Ferrata Ks071  6 20231003 K15 Ferrata Ks077

8 20231003 K15 Ferrata Ks080  7 20231003 K15 Ferrata Ks088  9 0231003 K15 Ferrata Ks074  10 20231003 K15 Ferrata Ks013

We are pleased to announce that our flight school has successfully passed a challenging audit conducted by SMARTWINGS airline, receiving the highest possible rating. As a result, we have become an approved school for airline cadet program for SMARTWINGS airline, the largest Czech airline and one of the fastest growing airlines in Central Europe which is also an employer of many of our graduates.

What does this mean for our students and graduates?

Our cadet training program is focused on equipping students with the key competencies defined by SMARTWINGS airline for entry into the B737 300-900 type rating training with the company.

In our custom-tailored ATP(A) training program, we place a strong emphasis on the effective acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for a smooth onboarding into SMARTWINGS as a new employee.

Thanks to close and active cooperation with DSA, SMARTWINGS airline will continuously monitor the progress of students in this program and conduct its own assessments of their training.

By enrolling in our cadet program, students significantly increase their chances of being accepted by SMARTWINGS airline.

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Photos from Helicopter Emergency Medical Service Liberec in Jizerské hory – Ještěd.

Photo: Jan Kostík

20230405 Ještěd Ks051  20230405 Ještěd Ks056  20230405 Ještěd Ks080  20230405 Ještěd Ks087

20230405 Ještěd Ks096  20230405 Ještěd Ks110  20230405 Ještěd Ks137  20230405 Ještěd Ks139

20230405 Ještěd Ks147  20230405 Ještěd Ks152  20230405 Ještěd Ks059  20230405 Ještěd Ks090


On Friday 3rd December 2021, DSA a.s. performed and aerial installation of an air conditioning unit in Prague. We installed the 650kg burden by helicopter AS-355N. Aerial work in city centres is always complicated and a major challenge. It involves, above all, a lot of paper work to complete all the permits and , of course, the great skill of the pilot and navigator when flying in a cramped environment. Volunteer firemen from Růžodol Liberec carried out the work for us again. 

Thank you very much to all involved. 

IMG 20211203 113931     IMG 20211203 100740 1 2

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