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Aerial installation of air conditioning units

DSA a.s. has installed 13 air conditioning units on the roof of shopping centre Centrum in Brno on Sunday June 20th, 2021. To make sure that the installation is according to all safety rules, the lifts were done with 40m long rope. The air conditioning units were prepared between the houses, the helicopter performed 30m long vertical lift into the free area and the transfer on the roof. After positioning the units on the roof, the helicopter had to fly in vertical descending between the houses with free rope. The installation lasted about two hours from lifting the first unit until positioning the last unit.

DSA a.s. is providing those aerial works all inclusive, including solving all technological procedures, blocking streets and sling cargo prepared by certified slingers.

The aerial sling works were prepared and done by our partners, the fire brigade from Liberec Růžodol.

Thank you very much to all who had participated on the installation.

OC Centrum 1 OC Centrum 2 OC Centrum 3

OC Centrum 4 OC Centrum 5 OC Centrum 6