The Cessna Grand Caravan EX is a modern single-engine multipurpose airplane for passenger and freight transport. It is equipped with a powerful and very reliable turboprop engine, giving it a high standard of performance. It was designed to meet aircraft requirements for taking heavy payloads from short unpaved surfaces while retaining a simple and economical operation. Both Caravans we operate are equipped with three G1000 monitors, a weather radar, a Traffic Advisory System warning to warn crew about potentially conflicting traffic, and with a Synthetic Vision system which screens the geological relief of the area being flown over and displays it straight on the monitors. The airplane is also equipped with an oxygen distribution system. Up to eight passengers can be transported in this model, with the flight range of 1 900 km and a highest altitude of 7 600 metres. Its maximum take-off weight is 3 990 kg and its maximum payload is 1 900 kg. Both of our Caravans are certified for flying into areas that are known to be icy.

The aircraft is used primarily for:

  • pilot training
  • passenger transport and freight