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Did something unexpected pop into your life and now you need to transport something or someone quickly across Europe or the Czech Republic?

We are ready and prepared to provide transport of cargo with critical deadlines, as well as to comply with the specific requirements of the majority of towns in Europe.

Imagine that you are sitting in the middle of an important meeting when suddenly a message comes through telling you that your production line has become backed up due to materials forgotten a hundred kilometres away. Every minute wasted could mean considerable losses to your company! We’re here for you! Our helicopters are ready to disperse as soon as possible and deliver the material to your door within two hours. Not long ago, this type of service could have been considered science fiction. We transport materials "door to door" and even country to country!

"Door to Door" Transport – combine your journey, helicopter-airplane-helicopter and back again

Our clients are offered the utmost in professional, high-quality and comprehensive private air transport services. Our main priority is the maximum in safety and speed. We can fully tailor our services to your requirements and time schedule.

  • we operate throughout the Czech Republic and Europe (Our operating licence is valid as far as the north of Africa)
  • we hold an Operating licence to operate commercial air services (AOC) and meet all national and European standards related to commercial air transport
  • we have been flying for more than 25 years and thanks to long-term knowledge of the aircraft industry, experienced personnel and top pilots, we are the number one in our field.