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EASA Part 147

We offer theoretical modules for all our flight trainings as well as the following theoretical courses:

  1. Airline Transport Pilot ATPL(A)
    The student must complete the theoretical training ATPL(A) in order to be issued an Airline Transport Pilot Licence. A holder of this licence is entitled to all the rights of a LAPL, PPL and CPL holder and act as the PIC in commercial air transport. A candidate has to prove his theoretical knowledge by passing a theoretical exam at the Civil Aviation Authority.
  2. High-performance single-pilot airplanes HPA
    Upon completion of the HPA theoretical course, a candidate who does not hold an ATPL(A) theoretical exam certificate may extend his knowledge so that he can commence his training toward obtaining a qualification for the chosen high-performance single-pilot airplane.
  3. ICAO Aviation English
    You will learn everything about the airplane you will be piloting and the terms of communication in the air. In this language course, we will prepare you to complete the aviation English exam according to ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements. In the course, we concentrate on learning specialized vocabulary, practice and perfect grammar, phraseology and abbreviations. But it is not just about the theory. Within the 15 - 20 hours of the course, we will also thoroughly practice radio communication.

Our course will prepare you to pass the exam with ease, and:

  • meets ICAO requirements of language perfection aimed at aviation language skill testing
  • includes a paper, written in English only
  • includes aviation phraseology questions  
  • includes a test of fluent conversation related to flight examples
  • includes a written test in order to check grammar knowledge

If you show your language skills to the extent required by the ICAO criteria, you will receive the note in the field XIII "Notes" of the pilot licence at the Czech CAA.

The course consists of 15 – 20 lessons. The price of the course is 12,000 CZK (w/o VAT) with an attendance of at least 4 participants.

The exam

Main features of aviation English testing:
- The ICAO requirements of language perfection course will be aimed at aviation language skill testing
- The whole test will be carried out in English language only
- Aviation phraseology will also be tested
- Listening comprehension will be checked by following conversations related to the listening extract
- Grammar knowledge will be checked through written test
- The test will be evaluated pursuant to the set ICAO criteria and its language skills
- Requirements
- A successful candidate will receive the note in the field XIII „Notes “of the pilot licence at the Czech CAA

Exam layout:
1) introduction + identification of the tested pilot by ID
2) written test
3) test evaluation + a conversation related to potential mistakes. If there are none, the conversation is related to aviation
4) listening test
5) conversation related to the listening portion
Exam duration 25 – 30 min.

Maxmilián Politzer – pilot and a flight instructor at DSA
Ivana Veisová – Cambridge University graduate
CAA approval – the certificate No CZ/ ICAO English 11

Dates of English exam according to ICAO in 2024:
3.1., 7.2., 6.3., 3.4., 15.5., 5.6., 3.7., 7.8., 4.9., 2.10., 6.11., 4.12.

The exam will take place in our Flight School at the Hradec Králové Airport at 9 a.m. If you are interested in any of the above-offered dates, you want to arrange an individual exam date or for more information, please contact Mrs.Veisová on the e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The price of the exam is 2,500 CZK (w/o VAT)