Ing. Michal Šťastný |  ATO Director | hangar 519,  503 41 Hradec Králové | Mobile: +420 723 479 138  | E-mail:

Bc. Jan Novák | ATO Assistant | hangar 519, 503 41 Hradec Králové | Phone: +420 491 614 817 | Mobile: +420 737 029 137 | E-mail:

EASA Part 147

Our school is the biggest flight school in the Czech Republic. Thanks to our years of experience and commitment to providing ever improving services, we are among the top training organizations. We provide training for students from all around the world, not just the Czech Republic.

From those who want to fly on business or for amusement, or just those that want to escape earth’s gravity, we also train private pilots. Those who envision of themselves wearing the uniform of a big airline in the future can sit down in the cockpit of an airliner or a business jet after completion of our training. If somebody is interested in expanding his pilot licence with more ratings, we are also the clear choice.

The flight school is located right inside the airport of Hradec Králové, where it offers the clients a fully equipped training complex with modern furnishings. The briefing rooms and lecture rooms are equipped with all the necessary training publications for your convenience.

Year-round operation is available through the Hradec Králové airport from their long concrete runway equipped with lighting for night flights and a system of taxiways. The airport is also very easily accessible for the greatest of convenience.

We are a Certificate of Approval no. CZ/ATO-006 holder, issued by the Czech Civil Aviation Authority, we are certified to an international standard and are a holder of a TÜV DIN EN ISO 9001:2016 Quality Certificate.






DSA a.s. is a designated training partner for the cadet pilot program organized by company CADETPILOT.AERO. Aspiring pilots interested in enrolling are encouraged to contact CADETPILOT.AERO directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional details and inquiries. Candidates can also visit to learn more about the program.