Aerial shooting

Our company has lots of experiences with aerial movie shooting. Our helicopter technique is used for shooting itself as it carries out the camera, director and other technique for creation of professional aerial shooting as well as our helicopters and airplanes have their own role in the movie.

We have already done many aerial shootings not only for Hollywood but also for Czech movie productions. Shootings is always a big challenge for us as the creativity of movie productions is huge and we always try to meet their requirements. You can see us at many different sport’s events quite often as we broadcast pictures and transmit the signal so the you enjoy the sport events in the best quality.

We were very active with our helicopter AS-350B3e and AS-355N during May. So if you watch TV properly in coming days you may get lucky and see us any some advertisements.





Dear all fans of football we are very happy that our company contributed to broadcasting of final UEFA match in Kiev.

With our helicopter AS-355N, registration No.: OK-DSN we have flown directly over the football stadium and Kiev and were providing the shooting from the air directly to the broadcasting cars on the ground.

Thanks to those shooting you could see on your tv’s the transfer of the teams from the hotel to the stadium, beautiful pictures of Kiev, shiny football stadium in night, opening ceremony and many more fascinating shooting which dragged you not only into the football match itself.

The preparation for the aerial shooting was hard and sometimes complicated but thanks to our professional attitude and many years of experiences with this kind of aerial works everything worked fine at the end.

We hope that you have enjoyed our shooting and also, we would like to congratulate to the winner.


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