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Resue of ski mountaineer in Velká Studniční jáma

On Saturday, March 28, 2020, the crew of the air rescue service Hradec Králové rescued a young ski mountaineer from Velká Studniční jáma in the Giant Mountains. The man suffered injuries after falling in extreme terrain. The crew of the injured man from the avalanche slope was transported in the suspension under the helicopter to the nearest available place and after basic examination and stabilization of his health he was transported by helicopter to the Hospital in Hradec Králové.

Source EMS Kralovéhradecký region.

Velká Studniční jáma 1  Velká Studniční jáma 2  Velká Studniční jáma 3  

Velká Studniční jáma 5  Velká Studniční jáma 4  Velká Studniční jáma 6