DSA a.s. has been in the aviation field since 1992 and just a year later they began to provide aerial activity for the Czech health system. From repatriation flights to HEMS Services, this has become the central priority of the company. We have the largest flight school in the Czech Republic, providing training to professional pilots, as well as Commercial pilot qualifications. We use our own flight machinery for air transport, air-taxi and other aerial works. We provide maintenance to our entire range of air machinery in our own maintenance centre, where we also provide services for other operators and owners of air machinery in the Czech Republic and the EU. Our priority is ensuring the safe operation of aircraft and maintaining their airworthiness, meeting customers´ demands and wishes, increasing the efficiency of our activities and becoming more environmentally friendly. To this end, the company’s management has adopted and promotes the “DSA a.s. Management Policy".
Publication of the decision on the conversion of paper registered shares into dematerialised shares and the call for shareholders to surrender shares and to inform about property accounts.

Tomáš Suchánek
CEO and Chairman of the Board